Increasing transactions and encouraging customer loyalty

Simple, secure and convenient

Cyber-fraud is rising dramatically as India's population rapidly adopts all digital platforms - almost 70% of transactions are now carried out on a mobile phone.

Mobile Connect offers you a simple, secure and convenient way to authenticate and verify your customers, allowing them control over who has access to their personal data, building trust and loyalty while transacting online. Facilitated by mobile operators, Mobile Connect, is a secure, universal identity service that matches your customer to their mobile phone number, eliminating the need to remember complicated usernames and passwords. Your customers can be confident that their personal information is protected, leading to smoother transactions and higher conversion rates for your business.

Mobile Connect is delivered by a globally interoperable API that utilises the personal mobile phone number as the unique digital identifier.


In action

Mobile Connect has many applications from simple authentication to highly secure customer verification and fraud detection, including opportunity to validate and maintain accurate customer data.

Fraud Protection

35% of users have weak passwords; the other 65% can be cracked.

Mobile Connect eliminates the need for passwords by enabling your customers to seamlessly authenticate their identity via their mobile device, ensuring accurate customer data and less fraudulent accounts.

The service will verify the number you have on record with the mobile operators data for the device being used to make the transaction, providing confirmation that your customer is who they say they are and not a malware spoof.


Secure Transaction approval

30% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of complicated check out processes.

For additional security when your customer is accessing a service or carrying out a transaction, Mobile Connect offers seamless second factor authentication.

In addition to the usual log-in with username and password, adding Mobile Connect provides a second, higher security, authentication than SMS one-time-password solutions, lowering the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, and building trust with customers. For customers the service is seamless when using mobile data.


Customer Verification (and number share)

Authenticating the mobile device number of a prospective customer is a challenge: 40% of prospects provide an incorrect number.

This misinformation, whether accidental or deliberate, results in wasted man hours chasing false leads, and lost customers who never receive the authentication request.

Mobile Connect retrieves the number for that device from the mobile operator, validating the user as authentic, and shares the correct number back to your business and in pre-fill forms, enabling accurate data and more profitable lead generation.


Account log-in and Registration

Current forms of authentication using a one-time password result in up to 17% drop-out rates.

Enable your customers to log-in with their mobile number, eliminating the need for yet another user name and password. A confirmation will be sent to their mobile device to confirm that it is in their possession; Mobile Connect can either return an anonymous customer identifier every time your customer logs-in, or share their mobile number with their consent.

As secure as logging in with user name and password but much simpler, this method of authentication is seamless for the customer using mobile data, helping to increase customer engagement and encourage trust.


Guest WiFi log-in

Government regulations require public WiFi hotspots to verify the mobile number of users. Mobile Connect provides a simple authentication tool that meets TRAI guidelines and verifies each user's mobile number with their mobile operator.

Rather than creating another user name and password, your customers simply log-in to the Guest WiFi using their mobile number. The mobile operator detects a valid number from the device and asks customer to confirm it's theirs. Once verified, your customer logs-in securely and either consents to share their number or chooses to remain anonymous.

It's simple, secure and easy to implement whether you have one or many WiFi hotspots in your network.

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Benefits & features

Mobile Connect will help grow your business, increase trust and ensure your customers feel empowered to manage their personal data. Seamless authentication and verification will provide convenience and simplicity while protecting customer data and your business from fraud.

Seamless user experience

Reduce friction during transactions to deliver greater engagement and conversion.

Reduce cart and registration abandonment

Quick, simple and secure authentication by automatic form-filling of a validated mobile number

Supports multimode authentication

HTTP header enrichment, USSD, SMS, with embedded URL SIM applet - depending on user's network environment

Maintain accurate user customer information

Accurate data is the lifeblood of all organisation with customer data at its heart.

Country-wide subscriber coverage

Access to Airtel, Vodafone and IDEA's subscriber base across India through implementation of a single global API.

Robust infrastructure

Running on highly scalable data centres backed by a telecom operator infrastructure.

Safe and secure

Supports single and additional second factor authentication.

Reduced costs

Less fraudulent activity, more accurate data, fewer forgotten passwords and a better user experience.

Cross technology

iOS, Android, PHP, Java, .NET. Supports user, device or business evoked requests for web and apps

Build greater trust in your brand

Provides privacy protection for the user and encourages their trust.

Open architecture

Using OpenID APIs enable discovery and connection with a host of platform-specific SDKs to facilitate simple integration.

Great company

Some of the businesses already enjoying the benefits of Mobile Connect

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