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Mobile phone numbers are increasingly the most widely used unique user identifier. Mobile Connect leverages this ubiquity.

Mobile Connect means fewer forgotten passwords and easier registration. This translates into greater end-user engagement and fewer abandoned transactions. By simplifying the authentication and authorisation processes, Mobile Connect can help lower the cost of doing business. It also offers enhanced capabilities to authorise users based on verification of personal data factors, such as location. And in the near future, Mobile Connect will be able to drive greater consumer insights through consensual attribute sharing.


of Indian consumers abandon their cart when shopping online

Rs 7500

– this is the average cost of identity theft for each person in India


of abandonment due to reluctance to register/create account for purchase

Our Operators

We are proud to have India's leading operators on-board

Everyone benefits

Service providers and end-users alike stand to benefit in many ways from the security, simplicity and convenience that Mobile Connect delivers.

Service Providers

  • Reduced attrition and drop-outs by offering a stress-free log-in solution
  • More frequent log-ins by removing passwords while improving security
  • Utilise what everyone has in their pocket - their mobile phone
  • Reduce fraud through the assurance that there is as real person behind the account
  • Improve customer insights and segmentation by receiving a persistent, unique, User ID across any device operated by the same user
  • Greater end-user engagement and experience with the use of attributes
  • Single technical and commercial integration across all operators
  • Evolution can be used in conjunction with other business solutions

End Users

  • No more forgotten usernames and passwords
  • Seamless mobile experience that is easy to use and saves time and hassle
  • End user controls their personal data, no information is shared without their prior consent
  • Secure - authentication is via trusted operator over reliable networks
  • Consistent and simple log-in experience across all providers and any device
  • Contributes to building trust in the service provider by offering the end user choice, control and convenience

Meeting the challenge


Simple and globally ubiquitous log-in mechanism with option to include a PIN where a higher level of assurance is needed.



Allows service providers to obtain authorisation from a user based on context directly from their mobile phone.



Provides user-identity data in a consensual manner so service providers can fulfil digital services and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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Mobile Connect in action

The applications for Mobile Connect are many and varied, with solution for a wide range of sectors including government, retail, travel and banking. Take a look at some examples


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